It's your dealership, tell us what you need.

AFD Group provides finance and insurance solutions for automotive dealers and companies. Business solutions include service contracts, reinsurance, tire and wheel protection, and training.

In Business since 1999

We have grown from a small local agency to a broad-based provider serving clients across the Midwest.

AFD Group offers excellent counsel and provides reinsurance that meets IRS approval. We offer asset controls and loans, full disclosure, tax and estate planning. We have the ability to reinsure all products sold out of the finance and insurance office, enabling the organization to receive 100 percent of profits.

AFD Group provides training and support tailored to each dealership, its customers, and sales strategies. Our customized solutions will distinguish the dealership, create a competitive edge and allow dealerships to respond to every challenging business environment. AFD Group empowers your team to deliver innovative ways of doing business while improving dealer integrity and environment.