Combination: Multi-Shield

We offer dealers the ability to bundle two or more products as a packaged deal on a single form with a single price. This customizable program utilizes a mix and match approach to meet dealership customer needs and the perfect price point.

Dent and Ding

Our door ding protection program protects cars and trucks against door dings and small dents without the need for expensive and time consuming body shop repairs.


Super Polysteel offers protection for both inside and outside a vehicle – paint, fabric, carpet, vinyl and leather. A customer who buys the Super Polysteel system has protection against fading, chalking, loss of gloss, tree sap, bird debris, as well as most spills.


GAP Protection pays the difference between actual cash value and loan balance if a customer’s vehicle is stolen or totaled in a collision.

Key Replacement

When keys need to be replaced, it’s a costly endeavor that also includes reprogramming. The R.O.A.D. Key Replacement program not only protects you against the expense of stolen or lost keys, but helps eliminate the hassles of an already stressful situation.

One Year Dealer Giveaways

Our one-year dealer giveaway advantage program is low cost, low claims, and high value. This advantage program allows dealerships to create a competitive advantage by offering customers free one-year product giveaways. We offer dealers flexibility to mix products using programs such as door ding protection, anti-theft protection, interior/exterior protection, windshield repair and/or replacement, among others

Roadside Assistance

The R.O.A.D. Star program is an affordable once a year windshield repair program packaged with full 24-hour roadside assistance. Windshield repair covers any small cracks, stars or chips on the front windshield through a permanent process that bonds the glass together, restores strength, improves the break’s appearance and prevents it from spreading.

Theft: Phantom Footprints, Theft Avert & Data Dots

Invisible Phantom Footprints protects vehicles on six different areas with permanent, tamper-resistant labels. When an attempt is made to remove one, a phantom image of the unique registered vehicle code number is left on the vehicle. The Theft Avert vehicle marking system is a unique window etch product; another effective anti-theft program that gives customers a preferred security system that helps to identify vehicles if they have been stolen. Data Dots are state-of-the-art identification technology which allows vehicles to be effectively marked with its own DNA. Each the size of a grain of sand, Data Dots are laser etched with a unique microscopic identification code and registered onto Data Dot USA’s secure national database.


Our Windshield Repair or Replacement program covers stars, chips or cracks to the front windshield caused by road hazards. The Windshield Repair process bonds the glass together, restores strength to the windshield, improves the break’s appearance and prevents the break from spreading. If the windshield can not be repaired, it is replaced at no charge.