Tailored for Your Dealership

AFD Group’s training and support is tailored to each dealership, its customers, and sales strategies. Our customized solutions will distinguish the dealership, create a competitive edge and allow dealerships to respond to every challenging business environment. AFD Group empowers your team to deliver innovative ways of doing business while improving dealer integrity and environment.

AFD Group provides the industry’s best menu system, integration, tracking, online training and compliance systems available. We provide real world in-store training, along with a week-long comprehensive training class covering all aspects of the Finance and Insurance department. Additionally we offer product presentation selling for the sales team that may extend to other employees and clients.

We also assist in the recruiting of candidates for the Finance and Insurance department.

The AFD Group Dealership Training will:

  1. Translate sales strategies into business results by developing personnel performance levels.
  2. Identify areas of strength and weakness in the dealership and provide guidance through on-site Dealer consultation.
  3. Identify what works and doesn’t work for the dealership.
  4. Dramatically increase finance and insurance revenues.
  5. Enable personnel to consistently present 100% of your product, to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time.
  6. Remove the pressure from the finance and insurance selling process.
  7. Increase product penetration resulting in higher PRU’s.
  8. Increase your CSI rating and cut delivery time in half.