AFD VRP is the first Vehicle Return Plan that customizes the protections based on your customers, your average finance amount and your lending criteria. It’s a portfolio protection product, market differentiation product, profit generation product and loyalty product all rolled into one. Coverage available for retail installment loans and leases.


Worry Free Borrowing

Losing a job, suffering and illness and other unexpected circumstances can be more than a bump in the road… They can be LIFE CHANGING!
at AFD, we understand that life events happen unexpectedly and this is when you need protection the most.
our smart, worry-free protection covers.

  • Depreciation resulting in negative equity
  • Valuable coverage limits
  • Installment loans and leases
  • Coverage options available for your entire loan term


Against Uncertainty

Qualifying life events include.

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • International employment transfer
  • Permanent change of station (military)
  • Self-employed personal bankruptcy
  • Loss of drivers license due to illness or injury
  • Physical disability
  • Accidental death


Peace Of Mind

Enjoy greater security tomorrow knowing you can.

  • Return your vehicle
  • Free yourself from payments
  • Positively eliminate your loan
  • Protect your credit

*Plans and options may vary by state, dealership and financial institution. See representative for available coverage and program details.